Transcription of Petition for an act authorizing the inhabitants of the town of Mecklenburg to elect seven commissioners, etc.

COVER:  Mecklengurb (sic) or Sheppards Town (sic)

25 Oct 1793




The Honorable the General Assembly of Virginia,

The petition of the inhabitants of the Town of Mecklenburg ( Commonly Called ShepherdsTown ) in the County of Berkeley , Humbly Showeth, that the Populousness and intercourse within the Said Town require the Streets therefor to be kept in Constant repairs, that from the present mode of working on the said Streets, they are in particular Seasonal most impassable___That the said Streets are unprovided with footways____That certain of the inhabitants by Raising the Ground in the Streets for private convenience, injure the property of Others___That Murmurs and Disputes arise Between the inhabitants on account of encroachments on the Streets and Alleys and Publick Grounds of said Town; as also disputes between Individual  owners of Lots and  parts of Lots concerning their Boundaries and the use of the Mill Stream running through Said Town___That the Said Town is wholly unprovided against accidental  fire___That the firing Guns and Pistols in Said Town,  Straining Horses in the streets thereof is dangerous to the inhabitants, and that the streets of Said Town are frequently incommoded with Nuisances.

Petitioners therefore humbly pray, That your Honorable House do pass an Act authorizing the inhabitants of Said Town to Elect Seven Commissioners, in such manner, and to continue in office such time, as to your Honorable House may appear most advisable___Vesting in the Said Commissioners full Powers to Remove the above Recited Grievances as also with powers to Levy a tax on every tithable within the limits of Said Town not exceeding Twenty Five Cents Annually; as also a Tax not exceeding Seventy Five Cents on each and every One Hundred Pounds worth of taxable property  within the Limits of the Said Town, to be applied by the Said Commissioners to Repairing the Streets in Said Town and from thereto the ferry Landing, and to purchasing a fire Engine, and other implements thereto belonging , for the use of Said Town_____And for Removing Nuisances where no Reimbursements can be had from those who Occasioned the Nuisance____And with whatever other powers your Honorable House may find it expedient to invest the Said Commissioners, and  under such restrictions and Limitations as maybe necessary___And your Petitioners as in  Duty Bound Shall pray, & c.

Cato Moore   John Mark    Will’m Richardson   Th’s White   John McMorran                John Jameson   Cornelius Winecoop  Henry Moore   John Wolford   Bernhard Miller   Josannah Miller   John [Jones?]    James Bell   John Morrow   Christopher Young   Abraham Shepherd   Danile Morgan   Tho. Pollock   Wm. Ainsworth   Wm. Good     Wm. Brown   Jacob Entler   John Hiser   James [Morely? Masely?]  James Likens         John Colligan   John Goff   William [Way?Avery?]   Bern’d Wesenall   John Motter   Sam’l [Darnheit? ]   Peter Stone   John Hanes   Charles [Beatty?]   Jacob Hains          Daniel [Merßel?]    Michael Fouke Senior   Michael Fouke Junior   Frederick Fouke   Jacob Fouke   Jon. [Waters?] Joseph McMurran   [ Boll Brashour?]                                  John Be/ne [ Bedinger?]    George Reynolds

2nd page 1st column

George [Cromby?]   Martain Entler (sic)    Wim. Morley   _____   Andrew S____         John [Dearnhafner?]     Aaron [Keasecker?]   Frederick Weltzhymer   John Yontz   George Hummel   [Ludwig Zwar?]   Benjamin Gardner   Christian Fouke            Jonathan Osborn   Parry Washington Brown   Enoch Watson   Peter Baker               Adam Bishop   Geo Bishop   Richard Doyle   Alex Lindsey   George [Taythan?]             Jn. [Nasenger?]      Henry Eckhart Senior   Henry Eckhart Junior   Jacob Harris   ___   ___   Daniel Cameron   Ely Jeffers   Willian [Ealy?]   

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Jacob Craft    Jacob Lay   Philip Sheetz   Frederick Smith   Henry [Nace?]               William [Chapling?]   Thos Mugg   Lewis Wisenall   Joeseph Swearingen  ______     Jacob [Haber?]  John Brwon   Michael Cookham    Wm Taylor   Wm Hendrix             John [Marsh?]   Henry [Kimer?]  [Walling?] Williams   Jacob Bedninger   John Gooding   Richard Butte      Robert [Schly?]  George Morgan     [Raleigh?]Morgan                   George M. Bedinger   John Getz      John [Kine?]   Geo Peter Barnhart    John [Canby?]

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Abram Davenport   _____  Jacob [Kensecker?]   Jacob [Wolf?]   Philip [Crist?]        William Tabb   George Sprangler   James Wood    ___     ___   J Pierce   Lorentz [Zanfil?]