1990 – Shepherdstown’s Historic District

Map courtesy of Jefferson County GIS/Addressing Office

The Map

The original Shepherdstown Historic District, outlined in red, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Its current boundaries, outlined in yellow, were expanded in 1987. The district includes most of the land within the town’s boundaries, plus contiguous developed areas that are not part of the incorporated town but are generally considered part of the community.

Shepherdstown’s Historic District was originally concentrated along German Street. The expanded district now includes land, places and structures of historic value, including McMurran Hall, The Entler Hotel, the Shepherd Grist Mill, the Opera House, and Elmwood Cemetery.

Shepherdstown’s was the first Historic District listed in West Virginia. The Historic District boundaries identify the properties that fall under the town’s Historic District Guidelines, which are administered by the Historic Landmark Commission. Historic Districts help preserve the antiquity of municipalities and protect property owners’ investments

The Mapmaker

  • Rebecca Westbrook

    Martin Burke, the chairman of the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission, reached out to the Jefferson County GIS/Addressing office asking to have a map made of Shepherdstown’s Historic District Boundary. Rebecca Westbrook created this map using the software suite Esri ArcGIS Pro. The data sources used are listed on the map. “Other Data” i.e. roads, railroads, water features were created by the office (centerline feature data extraction) using Esri ArcGIS software and the latest aerial imagery available.

    The Jefferson County GIS/Addressing Office is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all GIS data, except parcel (cadastral) data, for the Jefferson County government. This includes data for the E9-1-1 Communications Center mapping system. The office is also in charge of all addressing services, road name approval, and street sign maintenance for the County.