Speaker series, 2022 – Steve and Harriet Pearson, Shepherdstown Opera House: A Place of Many Dates.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022 @ 7 p.m. Historic Shepherdstown will have its second speaker series talk, Shepherdstown Opera House: A Place of Many Dates presented by the owners, Steve & Harriet Pearson. It will be held at the Byrd Center Auditorium on Shepherd campus.

For generations, the Shepherdstown Opera House was the place in town to go out for a date. That’s all Steve and Harriet Pearson had in mind in 2017 when they first heard live music at the Opera House. Little did they know that this historic venue would soon become the stage for the next chapter of their adventures.

So, when they learned that the Opera House was in need of new ownership, the Pearsons made the commitment to restore the building and revive the performance space for the 21st century.