1. Entler Hotel and Historic Shepherdstown Museum

NW corner of German and Princess Sts. In 1786 Philip Adam Entler, Jr. built a residence on the west side of the property. In following years, others built substantial brick buildings on the lot extending eastward from Entler’s residence to Princess Street. By 1809 Daniel Bedinger owned all of the property that became the Entler Hotel and leased it to others. For more than a century the Entler thrived. In 1912, the Entler residence on the west side of the property burned. During the 20th century the Entler briefly took the name Rumsey Hotel and then became Rumsey Hall, a college dormitory. It housed students, World War II Navy and Air Force cadets, and college faculty. When the building appeared scheduled for demolition in the early 1970s, townspeople organized to save and restore it. Today the Entler helps tell the story of Shepherdstown as the Historic Shepherdstown Museum. The Museum is housed in the west side of the building and is open weekends from April through October. The first floor is used by the community for meetings, art exhibits, parties, and receptions.