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the entler hotel restoration

The restoration was a total community effort. Volunteers worked together to save and restore the building as a center for community activity.

It was an awesome job. Former Shepherdstown Mayor John Farrier and Bill and Evie Van Ryzin headed up the restoration committee. Another former mayor, Chuck Bosley, did all of the paper work for grants.

In 1982 the Historic Shepherdstown Commission leased the Entler from the Town. No money passed across the table but the 30-year lease agreement with an automatic ten-year renewal clause required Historic Shepherdstown to do “extreme upkeep.”

It was difficult finding the funds to do the extensive work required to restore the old building. An idea was hatched to rent the Entler to not-for-profit groups who would pay their rent with sweat equity. Guy Frank and Jim Pantle worked hard to find organizations willing to do this.

The Millbrook Orchestra was one of the first organization to rent a space in the Entler. The orchestra’s office was in the second floor front room on the Princess Street side of the building. The Historic Shepherdstown office was in a small room next door to the Millbrook office.

The Entler Hotel has now been completely restored. Upstairs offices include the Historic Shepherdstown office, and private offices. The downstairs is used by the community for meetings, and the public for parties, art exhibits, and receptions. Not-for-profit organizations can rent meeting rooms for a discount. But the Shepherdstown Public Library, the Shepherdstown Visitors Center, and Town government meetings are held here free of charge. Historic Shepherdstown Administrator Cindy Cook manages the building and space rentals.

The Shepherdstown Town Council will hold its meetings once again in the Entler Hotel beginning in November, 2004 - for the first time since the 1800s.


The condition of the Entler Hotel when the Town Bought it in 1979

image1 image4

Former Mayor John Farrier scrapes paint

The lobby staircase and hallway in 1979

image5 image3

Newt Washington works of the parlor fanlight

An upstairsfireplace in 1979