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"Strange As It Seems" DVDs

Jim Price “Strange As It Seems” DVDs, while they last! On October 23, Dr. Jim Price gave a talk as part of HSC’s Speakers Series called “Strange As It Seems: Actual Happenings in Shepherdstown.” One attendee called it “Jim Price at his best”, as I’m sure all who were able to attend agree. Because many […]

Holiday Ornaments Available

When the cornerstone of McMurran Hall was laid in October of 1859, the editor of the Shepherdstown Register predicted that McMurran Hall would be “a lasting ornament to our town.” He was not wrong, and in honor of that distinction, Historic Shepherdstown chose McMurran Hall as the first in its series of holiday ornaments. The […]

A Brief History of Shepherdstown

HISTORY Colonial settlers began their migration into the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley in the early 1700s. Many crossed the Potomac River at Pack Horse Ford, about one mile downriver from the modern site of Shepherdstown. There, Native American tribes once clashed at what was then part of the Warrior Path. Later it was […]

1. Entler Hotel and Historic Shepherdstown Museum

NW corner of German and Princess Sts. In 1786 Philip Adam Entler, Jr. built a residence on the west side of the property. In following years, others built substantial brick buildings on the lot extending eastward from Entler’s residence to Princess Street. By 1809 Daniel Bedinger owned all of the property that became the Entler […]

3. Mecklenburg Inn

128 E German St. Might be the only building on the south side of this block surviving from early Shepherdstown that has not been significantly changed or replaced. From c. late 1790s to the mid 1850s, it was a stately residence where John F. Hamtramck, one of the town’s military heroes, lived for a time. […]

4. Pendleton Property

109-111 E German Street St. Built in early 1800s and spared from the 1912 fire which burned adjacent buildings to the east on East German, including part of the Entler property. Charles Harper started an apothecary shop here in 1816. After the Civil War, B.S. Pendleton, a Confederate veteran, bought the property and opened his […]