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Office Space Available

For the first time in years, the Entler will have office space available (as of June 1). Suitable for counselors, therapists, etc., 106 sq. ft of space with closet. Electric, heat, water, and trash is included. Some tenant parking available on a first come first served basis. If you would like to know more, please […]

Deed Chains

Every home has a history. In Shepherdstown, chances are good that a long line of people owned your home before you did. Creating a deed chain is one way to document this succession of owners and your home’s place in Shepherdstown’s history. A deed chain is a listing of all known owners of a property, […]

"Strange As It Seems" DVDs

Jim Price “Strange As It Seems” DVDs, while they last! On October 23, Dr. Jim Price gave a talk as part of HSC’s Speakers Series called “Strange As It Seems: Actual Happenings in Shepherdstown.” One attendee called it “Jim Price at his best”, as I’m sure all who were able to attend agree. Because many […]

Holiday Ornaments Available

When the cornerstone of McMurran Hall was laid in October of 1859, the editor of the Shepherdstown Register predicted that McMurran Hall would be “a lasting ornament to our town.” He was not wrong, and in honor of that distinction, Historic Shepherdstown chose McMurran Hall as the first in its series of holiday ornaments. The […]