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2012 Warehouse Projects Cap a Decade of Progress

2012 was another busy year of improvement projects at the Warehouse.  In conjunction with the 10 year anniversary of the start of preservation efforts at the building, FOSR has published a list of Completed Preservation Projects.  The list can be found here.

| December 20, 2012 |

December 2012 – Foundation Work Complete

Foundation drainage work is complete at the Warehouse.  To improve foundation drainage, work has proceeded to: 1) Excavate along the north and west sides of the building. 2) Repoint deteriorated mortar in the stone foundation. 3) Fill openings in the foundation created by previous waterworks operations. 4) Install french drain pipes. 5) Backfill with drain rock.  FOSR members Bob Reynolds and Steve Ayraud installed much of the drain pipe.  The Shepherdstown Water Department removed abandoned pipes and debris.

For additional photos of the work see the Warehouse Renovation Gallery.

| December 20, 2012 |

March 2012: Access Improvements and Interior Renovations

March 2012: Waterworks floor and misc. scrap metal removed from interior. New door installed in existing opening at the parking area. Access to the floor of the building is now possible!  Clear view of this historic waterworks pump is now possible.

| March 27, 2012 |

Annual Board Meeting

The annual Friends of the Shepherdstown Riverfront Board meeting was held November 11, 2011.  New Board members and officers were elected as follows:

New Board Members:

  • Mark Burkhardt
  • Tyra Guyton
  •  Chris Robinson
  • Amanda Tremba Whitmore
  • Meredith Wait

New Officers:

  • Bob Reynolds        President
  • Keith Alexander    Vice President
  • Mina Goodrich       Secretary
  •  Tony Price              Treasurer

Many thanks to outgoing President Dale Walter for her years of service to FOSR.

| November 11, 2011 |

March 20, 2010 : Historic Structures Report for the Mecklenburg Tobacco Warehouse

By Charles Belfoure, Architect

Shepherdstown is one of the oldest and most historic towns in West Virginia. It has a rich architectural legacy and the Mecklenburg Tobacco Warehouse is one of its most important historic buildings. This historic structures report will be a primary planning document for decision-making about the preservation, rehabilitation and reuse of this unique building. It will provide a summary of information about its history and existing conditions as well as recommendations for its repair and future use. The Corporation of Shepherdstown, professionals, local and state preservationists will have a readily accessible document for working on the building. An historic structures report is written especially for those not familiar with the building.

| March 1, 2010 |